Indian Society of Nephrology 

South Chapter

Niyamuthulla Invitation


Every year the Indian Society of Nephrology-Southern Chapter conducts essay writing competition in the memory of Dr. Niyamatullah. It is for MD/DNB, Medicine and Paediatrics students. The objective of this essay writing competition is to kindle the interest in Nephrology in post graduate students, when they are still in impressionable age.  A gold medal is awarded for first prize winner and cash prizes are for the second and third prize winners. All prize winners are invited to ISNSC conference with all expenses paid (to the escort also).

The topic for this year is, SODIUM HOMEOSTASIS, DISORDERS OF SODIUM IMBALANCE AND MANAGEMENT  The ISNSC requests, the Professors and faculty of Medicine and Paediatrics to encourage post graduate students to participate in this essay writing competition. The essay may be typed or legibly hand written. The tips to a write a better essay include,

  1. The essay may shape out well only when a large number of original articles, review articles and text book chapters are well read and the meaning is distilled. 

  2. Better essays are only of 3000 words.

  3.  Please do not copy sentences from any article, textbook, internet source or Uptodate. Please write the concept gained from these articles in your words and style.

  4.  Please avoid spelling mistakes and follow grammar rules.

  5.  Do not use long winding sentences. “Beauty is in brevity”. 

  6.  Liberal use of diagrams is desired. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Do not forget to label the diagram, to mention representation on X and Y axes for a graph and units for all the values and to provide legend to the diagram. 

  7.  Do not repeat contents of a table again in text. The text should have the interpretation of the table. The heading of the table should be short.

  8.  Always expand the abbreviations at the first use. Please avoid uncommon abbreviations.

  9.  Please do not use adverbs, adjectives, exclamation and clichés.

  10.  The best test for your article would be to show it your friend of an allied department (e.g., Physiology). If your friend has not appreciated it, it has to be rewritten.

  11.   Always show it your Professor.  Your Professor has years of experience behind him and has uncanny ability to find a fatal flaw, which you missed. 

  12.   The last date for submission is 10-12-2018; start the essay writing forthwith. Do not start on 15, November. Remember a better essay requires at least three revisions.

The essays in triplicate should reach Registered post is preferred. Dr Ravi Shankar B,Consultant Nephrologist, Room no 23,Mezzanine floor, Manipal Hospital,#143m 212 – 215, EPIP industrial area, Hoodi Village, KR Puram Hobli, Benguluru, 560066

Dr. Ravi Shankar.B

Hon. Secretary, ISNSC, 

Mobile 9741603993 

click here for download Niyamutulla invitation pdf