Indian Society of Nephrology 

South Chapter


The ISNSCCON 2019, Tirupati, Invite  Tanker Award papers and Abstracts for free paper and poster submission. Students of DM/DNB Nephrology of the Southern states of India are eligible for Tanker Award.

For Tanker Award, please submit the complete original article replete with figures, tables and references. The study should have been done in Southern states of India.

The abstracts for ISNSCCON 2019 should be structured under headings:

Aim, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion; not exceeding 300 words. Please use of upper case only to the first letter of the words in the title and sub titles, not to all the letters. The title and sub titles should be in bold. Please avoid using the sub heading, ‘Authors’. The title should be in Times New Roman, font size: 14. The abstract including the sub titles should also be in Times New Roman, font size: 12. Please ensure to add your institute’s name and also email id. 

The last date for Tanker Award paper submission: 30-11-2018

The last date for the Abstract submission: 30-11-2018

Please encourage your students, juniors, colleagues to participate in all scientific programmes.

All presenters of Tanker Award session should be the members of ISNSC. They should mention their ISNSC membership number or should produce a proof of provisional membership (like demand draft number of payment of membership fee). Please mention that the article is for the Tanker Award presentation in the subject line of email.

The presenters of free papers and posters are encouraged to become members of ISNSC. The procedure to become member of ISNSC is attached. If presenter is not a nephrologist then one of the co-authors should be and this should be underlined. 

Please arrange the Tanker Award article in this order

  1. Title of the abstract
  2. Authors
  3. Institute
  4. Email address
  5. Abstract: Aim, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion
  6. Article: Aim, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, References, Tables, Figures, Disclosures, Conflicts of interest statement, Statement that the study is from the Southern states of India
  7. ISNSC membership number or the details of proof of provisional membership

Please arrange the abstract in this order

  1. Title of the abstract
  2. Please classify your abstract into one of these headings: Clinical Nephrology, Dialysis and Renal Transplantation
  3. Authors
  4. Institute
  5. Email address
  6. Aim
  7. Materials and methods
  8. Results
  9. Discussion
  10. ISNSC membership number or the details of proof of provisional membership. The presenter is encouraged to be a member of ISNSC
  11.  Abstract to be a considered for:  a free paper or a poster session

The abstracts and tanker papers can be submitted to ,